Thursday, January 11, 2007

1. Flowers (Choose the type of flowers for your bouquet!)
Flowers are a MUST for V-Day! Get one for everyone... and a bunch for that someone special. ;)


Single stalk Rose - $3.50 with wrapping; $3 without wrapping
Single stalk Sunflower - $10 with wrapping; $8 without wrapping

2. (For 3,12 stalks and above) Choose your bouquet style
Rest assured! All bouquets are wrapped professionally, with all the wrappers, ribbons and materials personally hand-picked and matched according to the type of flowers you choose! QUALITY is what we care for. No shabby bouquets from us!

3-rose stalk bouquet = $20
12- rose stalk bouquet = $50
>12 rose stalks bouquet = $50 + add on $3 per rose

Bouquet 1: Simple and elegant with ribbons - greater variety of colours available!

Bouquet 2: With wrapping - greater variety of colours available!

*actual bouquet style may vary and are subject to the type of materials available during that period

3. LIMITED EDITION (7 left): Add a Bear!!

Price : $10

4. Leonidas Chocolates - ORDER EARLY!! (While stocks last.)

Simply irresistible! You gotta try it to believe it!

"Puppy Love"

6 Pcs - $20
15 Pcs - $37.50

** indicate if you would like the assortment to be non alcohol, mixed, or all in alcohol

*Contains an assortment of our best selling pralines and truffles.

"Cupid’s Wings"

9 Pcs - $25

*Contains an assortment of our special range of “L” chocolates. Definitely our best seller!

"My Magnificent Heart"

7 Pcs -

28 Pcs -
*Contains 2 types of Heart shaped chocolates in Hazelnut filling and Coffee cream.

5. Make your gift UNIQUE! - Gobi's Desserts *OFFER EXTENDED to 9 FEB DUE TO POPULAR DEMAND
Box of 6 (any) = $15
Box of 12 (any) = $25

[description] Click on the picture for a closer look!

6. Brownies

V-day is not the time to skimp on calories! INDULGE. :D

**Customised 'Gi-normous' Brownie (approx 5.75 x 4.25 inches)

Price: $15

Gift box with 5 regular sized brownies = $12

**Please indicate on the order form what words you would like to be on the brownie and whether you'd like it to be heart shaped (otherwise it'd be rectangular)
*Individual regular brownies will be sold on 12-14 February! :D

7. Cookies
Cookies... not for the faint-hearted!

**Customised Monster Cookie (approx 5.75 x 4.25 inches)

Price: $8

Gift wrapped bag of cookies = $5

**Please indicate on the order form what words you would like to be on the cookie and whether you'd like it to be heart/circle shaped.
*Smaller individual cookies will be sold on 12-14 February! :D

8. Song, Message, Big-Screen Message Dedications.

Need to make V-day extra special? More personalised? Declare your love and/or friendship!

Catch your friends and or loved ones by surprise by dedicating a song, message or flashing your love/friendship message on a projected screen!!

Song & Message Board dedication - $1
Projector screen dedication - $2

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